What is the IMF?

Deposit memecoins to mint up to 50% of LTV as $MONEY stablecoin (Central Meme Digital Currency). Pair $MONEY with a memecoin and provide liquidity to earn the governance token $IMF (International Meme Fund).
What is the IMF?

Millions of degens worldwide have their liquidity locked in memes they love.

They’re forced to sell culture to put lambos in their driveway.

IMF fixes this. The International Meme Fund (not to be confused with the InterMonetary Fund) lets you borrow a super-serious stablecoin against your beloved memes.

Mint $MONEY (Central Meme Digital Currency) by depositing memecoins such as Pepe, Shiba Inu, Mog. Oh, can’t forget HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu!

$MONEY is a non-pegged stable asset that loosely targets $6.90 through onchain monetary policy (dynamic lending/borrowing rate to target equilibrium). Why $6.90 and not the typical $1 stable price? Because inflation.

So, you’ve deposited your favourite memecoin and you now have $MONEY. What comes next? Here are two things you can do with your $MONEY:

  1. Buy more memecoins
  2. Pair $MONEY with a memecoin, provide liquidity, and earn rewards in $IMF

$IMF is the protocol’s governance token. Stake $IMF to earn LP fees from $MONEY pairs and even earn liquidations. Any bad debt that can’t be paid will be distributed to the $IMF staking rewards.

TL;DR - mint non-pegged stables against your memecoins.

Q: What could go wrong? A: Probably nothing.