IMF - International Meme Fund

International Meme Fund (IMF) is a DeFi protocol for borrowing $MONEY against your memecoins with $IMF serving as the protocol utility and revenue token.

IMF Preview

What is it exactly?

It is a MakerDAO-style CDP for memes that mints a native soft-pegged stablecoin, $MONEY. The protocol utility token is $IMF, which is used to receive protocol rewards.

How do you use it?

  • Deposit Your Memes: The first collateral accepted is $PEPE.
  • Borrow $MONEY: $MONEY is soft-pegged to $6.9.
  • Interest: Accrued in $MONEY and is variable, calculated based on how far $MONEY is from its peg (read the docs for details).
  • Repay Debt: Your debt is to be repaid in $MONEY (debt + interest) to retrieve your collateral.
  • Liquidation: If your loan reaches a health factor of 1 and/or the maximum LTV set for your collateral, your loan will be forcefully closed using your collateral. This means you will lose your collateral and be liquidated.
  • Earn $IMF Emissions: You can earn $IMF token emissions through Borrowing $MONEY and providing liquidity by pairing $MONEY with $PEPE( and other future collateral).
  • Burn $IMF: You can deposit your $IMF into sbIMF (slow burn IMF), which burns your IMF in return for protocol rewards in the form of $MONEY interest paid by borrowers. More information on how sbIMF works can be found in the documentation.

Please read the docs and do not fall for any unofficial scams.